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    Zip Car Vancouver & Toronto Car rental

    If you live in or are visiting Toronto or Vancouver you can take advantage of a more flexible approach to car rental with Zip Car.

    How Zip Car Works

    Drivers apply for membership to Zipcar to be able to drive one of the Zip Cars around the world. The application is $25. The online application process takes only a few minutes. A driver background check is conducted. The approval rate is approximately 94%. Drivers then reserve a vehicle online by browsing from its worldwide fleet. Browse from local fleet or by time, location, zip code, price, or model. Reservations can be made minutes or months in advance. Drivers can create driving plans and earn free driving. Drivers receive a wireless key car, a Zip Card. This is used to unlock reserved vehicles. The driver holds the Zip Card against the driver side window for remote Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The key card is used to unlock and lock the car during driving time. While under reservation, only the driver who has reserved the car can access the vehicle. At the end of the reservation, the driver returns the Zipcar to its original parking location, and locks the car using the Zip card. Trip details are available online within hours of car return.

    Zipcar Mobile Features
    The Zipcar features iPhone and iPod mobile applications. The applications can be used to locate and reserve cars. Scanning the Zipcard into the iPhone will allow it to be used in lieu of the card to open and lock Zipcars using the touch pad. All mobile phones can be used to reserve cars, including Blackberry and Android. Two-way text alerts and reservation extensions are among features of signing on for mobile Zipcar options.

    Convenient Schedule
    A benefit of the Zipcar is how conveniently drivers can access the fleet online, especially during inclement weather. Drivers can see which cars are available, when and make reservations in advance. You can also check out alternate locations to get a particular car model that you want.

    Variety of Vehicles
    You can try out a whole fleet of cars from trucks to mini Cooper to convertibles and SUVs. These cars might be out of your league at the moment for purchase but you get the joy of driving them without waiting or sticker shock.

    24 Hour Max cost
    Driver can sign on for driving plans from occasional driving to extra value plans. The occasional driving plan has an annual fee but no monthly commitment. Renting the car for longer periods results in a cost savings. After 8 hours, for instance, the cost does not increase. This means you might as well keep the car longer. For example, for long day trips, you do not have to hurry and get the car back by a deadline. Instead, you can focus on your vacation or trip, and give yourself overnight time.

    Hybrid Fleet
    You get more mileage per gallon of fuel, and the fuel has lower carbon emission. Merely by driving the vehicle instead of a typical auto from another dealer, you can do your part for environmentalism while still being practical to meet your needs for a car.

    Car Sharing is the New Car Pool
    Vehicle ownership increases traffic, road wear and environmental pollution. Collective car ownership works to offset the cost of insurance, gas, and car ownership such as repair and maintenance. The environmental benefits include reduced carbon emission. The cars come with gas, insurance, and 200KM free.

    Click here to find out more about Zip Car

    Zipcar: wheels when you want them. Learn more.

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