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    Fishing Vacations in Ontario


    Situated on the east of Manitoba and west of Quebec, Ontario is one of the provincial districts of Canada which is adorned with majestic mountains, crystal clear rivers, untamed wilderness and rich fishing lakes. The province, which is one of the most prosperous urban centers in Canada, has a population of around 13 million with a total land area of more than 900,000 square kilometers. And since the vast majority of those 13 million people live in southern Ontario, there are a few more places in this province which are almost untouched by human life. Similar to the popular fishing destination Florida Keys in the United States, Ontario is graced with breathtaking lakes and rivers, this province is no doubt a popular vacation destination for fishing enthusiasts.

    Apart from its great fishing locations which are similar to certain places in the US, travelers can visit Ontario’s top resorts such as the Eagle Lake Resort and the Waterfalls Lodge; all of which are close to several good fishing lakes. Because the province is home to a lot of fishing enthusiasts, some of these lakes are even stocked regularly to make it even easier to catch fish. In fact, the Northern United States has a long history of fishing industry, and since its states are physically and geographically near Ontario, it is no wonder why the suburban region of Canada shares similar recreational activities. In fact, Midwestern states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan—which are all favorite spots by fly fishing aficionados—generally participate in fly-fishing activities. Their deep involvement in fly-fishing drew in much attention and allowed other fly-fishing enthusiasts around the world to experience fly-fishing in All-American way via dialaflight.com.

    Furthermore, chartered fishing trips are not at all cheap; as a matter of fact, they can really be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Most companies offering these types of trips own cabins that are scattered throughout Ontario and elsewhere in Canada. The cabins are generally in extremely remote locations, often scores of miles from the nearest road or sign of civilization. However, you can only reach those lakeside lodges via float planes, as those are the only viable modes of transportation to reach those remote areas. If you feel like partaking in an authentic wilderness experience, with the added comfort of a safe and dry cabin, then you should look into chartered trips!

    As any good fisherman knows, all kinds fish are not created equal. This goes for how they taste as well as how fun it is to fish for and catch them. Certain species of fish have a mediocre taste regardless of how you cook them, while others taste fantastic even if you simply grill them. And to no surprise, Canada is home to lots of the latter type—delicious fish that can be cooked in a number of ways. Walleye, a kind of freshwater pike, is a very commonly found fish in Ontario. Walleyes are olive/gold colored freshwater species, found mainly in large lakes in the northern hemisphere. They can grow fairly large, commonly reaching sizes of around 80 centimeters long and weigh of up to 9 kilograms.

    Of course, walleyes are not the only type of freshwater fish you will find in Ontario. Other kinds of fish like the brown trout, sturgeon, smallmouth bass, catfish, and northern pike are commonly encountered in Ontario lakes and rivers. While pikes are not the tastiest variety of freshwater fish, they are very fun to fish for. Pikes tend to stay either deep down in the middle of lakes, or in the shade of vegetation towards the edges of the lake. They are intelligent predators, so they provide a good challenge for fishermen looking to branch out to new territory. And whenever there are pikes in the area, there are probably smaller and tastier fish like the walleye or trout for you to feast on!

    [Image credit: Martin Cathrae]

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