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    3 Things you Didn’t Know You Could Do in Canada

    Canada is a wonderful place to explore, filled with sights and landmarks, entertainment options, mountains, lakes, and whatever else a visitor could crave for. The best golf courses in Canada attract tens of thousands of tourists each year, and its casinos are also quite popular, even though they often fall behind venues like the Red Flush when it comes to convenience and game variety. This is not their fault, though – with no physical location aside from a server room, the Red Flush can expand as far as it needs to accommodate all its visitors, and even get into their pockets through the Red Flush Mobile.

    When you hear tourism, you think of the usual – attractions and rides, hotels and restaurants, night clubs and their likes. Yet Canada has quite a few things that you would be surprised to find out about, things that you will probably crave to visit as soon as you hear about them. Like the ones on our list below.

    Visit polar bear prison

    An average person will see a polar bear at the zoo – but not the residents of Churchill, Manitoba. Their town lies on the western flank of the Hudson Bay, an area that is home to over 800 polar bears. And the town was built right on the migration route of the animals that has led to quite a few conflicts between the two species in the past. After a lot of killing on both sides, the town has found a solution to avoid confrontation with the massive predators altogether (an adult polar bear can have a weight anywhere between 200 and 450 kg) – they have established the Polar Bear Alert Program meant to either scare the bears away from the town or capture them and lock them up in the “polar bear prison”.

    The facility, built in 1982, has space for 28 “inmates” and has held over 2,000 of them to date. The prisoners are not kept behind bars for long – they are relocated in the shortest time possible.

    Visit Vulcan

    Are you a fan of Star Trek? If so, why don’t you visit Vulcan – not the alien planet but the town of Vulcan, Alberta? Located between the cities of Calgary and Lethbridge on Highway 23, the town has gained a lot of attention with the increasing popularity of Star Trek. Today, it has a Star Trek themed tourist station complete with Trek memorabilia, photo ops, and virtual reality games. It also has a replica of the Enterprise (from Episode 5) on display. Each year, the town is home to the Vulcan Tinman Triathlon and hosts an annual community-wide Star Trek convention known as “Spock Days”.

    Try Hawaiian Pizza in its home

    Wait, you might say, Hawai’i isn’t in Canada, so why would I go there to try some authentic pineapple topping on a thin crust? Well, because the Hawaiian Pizza wasn’t invented in the paradisiacal island but in London, Ontario, by a Greek-born Canadian cook called Sam Panopoulos. If you hope to shake Panopoulos’ hand, don’t bother, though – he passed away this June.

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