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    Visiting The Stunning Glacier National Park

    The Glacier National Park is one of 7 wildlife parks in British Columbia, Canada, and it has an area of 838 square miles. On the top of the 11.000 feet high mountains, the snow stays throughout the entire year. Therefore, there are about 400 glaciers in the park. The natural inhabitants of the Glacier National Park are grizzly’s, black bears, mountain goats and the mountain caribou.

    The Glacier National Park was designed as the protection of the alpine region of the Selkirk Mountains, which is located between Golden and Revelstoke. The activity offers for tourists are limited to the Rogers Pass and the historic route of the Canadian Pacific Railroad. Most vacationers start their tours through the area from the visitor center of the park. Here, one can get information about the landscape and can encounter an archive of the history of the reserve.

    The region of the national park is a stunning land, and particularly the blooming flower diversity is an exhilarating sight. This offers optimal living conditions for the birds in the dense vegetation. The mountain goat herds also enjoy the rich meadows with its lush growth. The forest is an idyllic and picturesque place for travelers to discover. It benefits from the extremely mild climate and thrives beautifully.

    In the Glacier National Park, guests have the opportunity to participate in guided tours. Fishing is also an option; however, one must obtain a license beforehand. In addition, some trails are ideal for cycling and mountain biking, and in winter, vacationers have fun while ski-hiking.

    Long time ago, people have considered the surrounding mountains as insurmountable obstacles. Therefore, all expeditions led around the Glacier National Park. Nowadays, this wildlife reserve is a magical area with pristine nature, where visitors can unwind and dive into a breathtaking wonderland.

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