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    Unforgettable Canada: 100 Destinations

    Unforgettable Canada: 100 Destinations

    Planning a trip to Canada? If you have ever wanted to see the most beautiful wonders of Canada, this guidebook is all you need. “Unforgettable Canada: 100 Destinations”, is a must have guidebook, authored by the renowned New York Times and Los Angeles Times photographer, George Fischer, and seasoned writer, Noel Hudson.

    Both informative and fun to read, this 288 page guidebook explores 100 of the most remarkable Canadian destinations, and includes everything from the Montreal jazz festival, iceberg watching in Newfoundland and Labrador, to beachcombing by helicopter in British Columbia. From cover to cover, this amazing guidebook includes hundreds of picturesque photos, with vivid colors and well crafted imagery that bring each destination to life. For anyone with a sense of adventure, from the most docile of destinations to the more exotic and extreme this guidebook has it all.

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