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    Parrots, Poker and Revolving Restaurants: Ten Things to Do and See at Niagara Falls

    What is there to see in Niagara Falls? If you thought there’s little besides its beautiful natural wonder then you’d be very wrong. Though the world-famous waterfall certainly is reason enough to visit, you’d be pressed for time to fit in all the other amazing things to see and do in this idyllic Canadian city.

    Skylon Restaurant

    Delectable cuisine prepared by renowned chefs? Check. Luxurious and comfortable restaurant interior? Check. Panoramic view that slowly revolves to reveal both the majestic Niagara Falls and the romantic city skyline? Check! This is the only restaurant in the world that will let you tick off that specific criterion, making it a truly one-of-a-kind dining experience. The Skylon Restaurant is situated at the very top of Skylon Tower, a 160-metre tall observation structure overlooking New York, Ontario, and Niagara Falls. Its revolving dining room is open all year round for both lunch and dinner. The Skylon Restaurant is a must for anyone who visits Niagara Falls.

    Butterfly Conservatory

    With over 2,000 butterflies from forty-five different species, the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory is a treat for anyone who appreciates the beauty of the unique insect. The butterflies fly freely within the enclosure so guests can be surrounded by the magical creatures as they make their way down a rainforest-themed path lined with exotic plants and lush greenery. This tropical conservatory is located north of the Falls, on Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens grounds. Both educational and magical, this is an amazing experience for kids and adults alike.

    Fallsview Casino

    If you fancy some gambling, the sophisticated billion dollar casino complex at Niagara Falls is a safe bet. Though most Canadians prefer playing online poker, the Fallsview Casino is the country’s hottest destination for those in favour of a traditional casino setting. The state of the art building includes not only 3,000 slot machines and 130 game tables – it’s also home to award-winning restaurants, a luxurious hotel, an elegant headlining theatre and extensive shopping halls. Besides surrounding you with everything you could possible want on an extravagant night out, the Fallsview Casino also gives you a magnificent view (as the name would indicate!) of Niagara Falls.

    Nightmare Fear Factory

    This attraction is not for the faint hearted. You may be able to handle the typical ‘haunted house’ at an average theme parks, but the Nightmare Fear Factory brings terror to a whole new level. This is an experience which will surround you in total darkness, have actors jump out at you, expose you to eerie sounds and flashing images – plus much more which will get your heart racing and your hairs standing. In fact, the establishment keeps count of everyone who ‘chickens out’ from fear before reaching the end – over 14,000 so far! You can even hear the screams from outside the allegedly haunted building…

    Bird Kingdom

    For something a little more pleasant than ghouls and gore – Niagara’s tropical Bird Kingdom offers an amazingly immersive experience for those interested in birds, reptiles and insects. The exotic park has recreated the natural environment of its inhabitants, which include tarantulas, tortoises, pythons, bats and an endless number of exotic and colourful birds.

    The large attraction is divided into different sections which pertain to the animals housed within. There are also plenty of interactive experiences to be had – from holding snakes to feeding birds.

    Hershey’s Chocolate World

    Got a sweet tooth? Know someone else who does? Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or find a gift for your candy-addicted friend – the Hershey’s Chocolate World shop in Niagara Falls is a delight to the eyes and the palate. Themed like a vintage American-style diner (complete with Coca Cola wall art and sleek sitting booths) this four-floor shop and cafe combo is filled to the brim with Hershey’s classic products. Grab yourself an ice cold chocolate milkshake and stock up on limited edition brand variants at this candy wonderland.

    Whirlpool Aero Car

    See the Niagara River and its incredible whirlpool right below you from on board this historic cable car. The intimate aero cars carry only thirty-five passengers per trip, giving you plenty of room to view the breath-taking scenery from all angles. This unique form of transport over the natural phenomenon is exciting and unforgettable.

    Queen Victoria Park

    There’s no shortage of gorgeous parks for strolls and picnics when visiting Niagara Falls, but the Queen Victoria Park wins every prize in terms of beauty and uniqueness. No matter the season, this park celebrates nature with a range of native trees and stunningly picturesque floral displays. During the summer months, you can also ride through the park with horse and carriage.

    Falls Illumination Cruise

    There are naturally a great number of cruises to choose between when you visiting Niagara Falls, but few are as special as the Falls Illumination Cruise, giving you an up-close look at the spectacular multi-coloured floodlights projection.

    Both sides of the waterfall are illuminated after sunset and until midnight, offering visitors an unreal and totally enchanting view to behold. Night cruises typically include music and drinks bar, making for an all-round romantic and comfortable experience on board.

    Dinosaur Adventure Golf

    Adventure golf has never been quite so adventurous! These crazy golf courses (the biggest in Canada) are surrounding by terrifying life-like dinosaur models, suspended in actions like feeding and fighting. At the park you’ll also find a steam-erupting volcano, plenty of ponds and a digital-sound system which plays realistic jungle and dinosaur sounds. For an atmospheric game of mini golf which will take you back in time to when these massive reptiles ruled the earth – Niagara Fall’s Dinosaur Adventure Golf is the place to be.

    With so many world-class, high quality attractions across the enigmatic city of Niagara Falls, you’ll never be short for things to do and see. The list of museums, restaurants, clubs and parks extends far beyond what any ‘top ten’ list can offer – so why not go see for yourself?

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