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    Marriage Propsals Moments in Canada

    While I’m sure that my wedding day and the birth of my first child will be exciting-yet-nail-biting occasions, so far, the most death-defying moment I’ve experienced was proposing to my girlfriend. Before the actual proposal came weeks of planning. Then, finally, came the night for me to pop the question. Let me tell you how it all went down…and how I found the perfect ring.

    Plotting and Ring-Shopping

    First off, I knew I needed a ring, but I had no idea where to find one. I turned to the trusty internet to guide me to the best place to find a high-quality, beautiful diamond engagement ring. I must give credit where credit is due: TheDiamondAdvisors.com – James Allen Rings saved my life on this one. The Diamond Advisor review told me everything I needed to know about James Allen – that they specialize in the highest-quality diamond jewelry and that they’re very well-respected in the world of jewelry sales.

    James Allen has prices that are a bit higher than other retailers, but their selection and quality make the bump in price absolutely worth it. I found a gorgeous vintage-inspired 14K white gold ring with an amazing .13-carat diamond. When I opened the box, the ring was stunning; I knew my girlfriend would love it.

    Next, I plotted where to propose. My girlfriend and I love good food and exploring by foot, so I knew that the best place to pop the question would be Toronto’s historic Distillery District, with its quaint vibe and Victorian-style architecture.

    Carrying Out the Plan

    On the chosen day, my girlfriend and I met for an early dinner at Cluny Bistro. We noshed on beef tartare and a smoked salmon tartine before heading over to the Soulpepper Theater to see a show. Afterwards, we strolled around the beautiful streets, pausing to take selfies underneath the old Gooderham and Worts sign. It was too dark for the sign to properly show up, but we had fun. As we snapped photos, I quickly turned, got down on one knee, and asked the question before my nerves failed me.

    Thankfully, she said yes – and she shouted with delight when she tried on the James Allen ring. We popped over to the El Catrin Destilería and celebrated with a flight of beautiful barrel-aged tequila. Afterwards, kiddy from the tequila and from being newly-engaged, we headed to the LOVE locks art installation. I just happened to have the perfect padlock and a marker in my pocket, so we made a permanent display of our love by decorating the lock and adding it to the installation along with the locks of the hundreds of other love birds who had come before us.

    After lots of planning and palm-sweating, it was wonderful to have finally popped the question and to have gotten the answer I’d been hoping to hear. For other guys who are plotting their own proposal, I’d highly recommend them checking out the Diamond Advisor review that steered me in the right direction. I’d also tell them that for a proposal setting, you can’t go wrong with the Distillery District. Good luck!

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