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    Lonely Planet Canada Paperback

    Lonely Planet Canada Paperback

    The Lonely Planet guide to Canada, now in its 10th edition offers some of the most in-depth travel advice for people looking to explore Canada.  The book features 912 pages written in the usual Lonely Planet style and most importantly by travel experts who live and breath Canada – not rewrite Canada in a far away land.
    “Lonely Planet guides are a must-pack.” (Toronto Star)
    The book covers the following topics:

    • Destination Canada
    • Sample itineraries
    • The History of Canada
    • Canadian Culture
    • Food and Drink
    • The Canadian Outdoors
    • And a guide to each of the provinces & key cities in each province.

    Crave Canada rates the Lonely Planet Guide to Canada as a must have travel essential when your planning your next trip to or around Canada

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