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    Explore British Columbia

    When you think of British Columbia, you may think of Vancouver and Victoria, but there is so much more to Canada’s westernmost province, you’ll miss a world of experiences if you stop your exploration of British Columbia with those two cities.The rugged Pacific coastline of British Columbia is dotted with tiny villages and towns, some only accessible by boat or air that will take your breath away. Many luxury wilderness lodges are located along the coast; they’ll pamper you with luxurious accommodations in a rustic setting that you’ll never forget. Take a cruise along BC’s Inland Passage for an incomparable view of this jagged but beautiful coast.

    Victoria Island houses the capital of BC, but further west you’ll find virgin forests, tiny fishing villages hosting quaint bed & breakfasts, sandy beaches, and fascinating tide pools. Much of the island is still very rural and wild, and exploring it can be a fascinating adventure.

    Inland from Vancouver, you’ll find forests, mountains, and world-class ski resorts among the stunning scenery. Visit Whistler for a premier alpine experience, or the Thompson Okanagan region for luxurious wine tasting in the Okanagan Valley, one of Canada’s premier wine producing areas.

    Bask in the great outdoors in the Kootenay Rockies, where you can hike, canoe, boat, cycle, camp, or just enjoy the incredible views of the Rockies and the immense amount of wildlife that lives in this amazing wilderness. Better yet, you can still find luxury resorts hidden in this lush wilderness, so you can relax with all the comforts of home even after long day of exploration.

    So, explore British Columbia. It’s much more than bustling cities; it’s a rich and amazing province full of wilderness adventures, luxurious resorts, magnificent scenery, and outdoor recreation you can never get enough of. It’s a great place to visit and explore any time of the year.

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