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    Cheap Flights to Canada with Canadian Affair

    Cheap Flights to Canada with Canadian Affair

    Air travel is always an exciting and much awaited event for anyone planning a long trip. A good flight should allow you to forget your troubles, be happy and relax. If you are looking for a the cheapest way to fly to Canada and want to be comfortable then there is only one airline to consider. Canadian Affair is a joint venture between and Canada’s Air Transat and has managed to carve a niche service between the UK and Canada. Offering a variety of holiday packages and cheap flights options between Canada and the United Kingdom. The company carries an experience of over 15 years in flying people to different destinations in Canada.

    Canadian Affair offers flights from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Shannon, Newcastle, Exeter, Birmingham, Manchester, London and Dublin to Halifax, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa.

    While in Canada, West Jet provides an internal flight service within Canada.

    Why Canadian Affair?

    transat_staffCanadian Affair has a dedicated fleet of executives who are experts in their fields and work around the clock to ensure customer satisfaction. They make it their agenda to make sure your vacation goes smoothly and offer you the best solutions at the most affordable prices. Their aim is to provide unforgettable and genuine holiday experience to their clients.

    Holiday Packages

    Canadian Affair offers holiday packages to places within Canada and the UK at competitive prices. Their experienced staff tailors the trips as per the requirement of the passengers.  Airfares are usually included in the package for the convenience of the customers. They will suggest to you the best travel spots in Canada and the UK. They have connections to more than 150 hotels in Canada, adventure organizers, cruise lines and campers.


    Canadian Affair offer comfortable flights in either Economy of Premium Economy, with economy offers more leg room than the economy class of many of the major carriers.  A standard flight between the UK and Canada will offer a main hot meal and a cooked breakfast an hour before arrival and there are full entertainment options with a seat back LCD TV throughout the cabin.

    Canadian Affair Premium Economy / Club Class

    Passengers who chose to upgrade will only be able to benefit from additional entertainment choice, free headphones, a free bar throughout the flight and priority check in and most importantly will see their baggage appear at the destination airport before anyone else. Any one seeking leg room should consider the upgrade a must as the seat pitch is a generous 35inches and the seats are much wider than those in the economy cabin.

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