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    Billy Connolly: Journey to the Edge of the World DVD


    Last summer famous Comedian and Scottish actor Billy Connolly spent 10 weeks travelling from Canada’s east to west coast and along the way explored some of Canada’s most remote northern locations.  A massive success in both the UK and Canada the TV show showcased Canada’s north on an off the beaten track discovery of all things that most people will never see.  The ten episodes include some amazing footage of what must be the most beautiful country in the world.  If you didn’t manage to catch this on TV do not worry it is being released on DVD for the Canadian Audience in May and you can pre-order your copy here.

    Order Journey to the Edge of the World on DVD

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    1. Tom Ward Says:

      Can you please tell me were I can purchase this video Journey to the edgeof the world,
      I am located in Brampton, Ontario.
      Thank you

    2. Sheenagh Rose Says:

      Dear Sirs:
      Re: Journey to the Edge of the World

      We have only watched the first four episodes of this remarkable documentary. We have lived in Canada for nearly forty years and never shared such a detailed, caring and amazing journey. It takes a Scot like Billy Connolly to bring his obvious sense of passion to the most sensitive areas of our beautiful country. Can’t wait to see the other episodes and will buy the DVD … absolutely great show.

      Sheenagh E. Rose

    3. Catherine Says:

      I just finished watching the last episode of this amazing series. I think Billy and his crew did such a great job of showing the sheer size and diversity of Canada. What a trip he did! Can only dream of doing a trip like that any time soon.
      I also want to purchase this DVD when it comes out. Chapters/Indigo lists the DVD as a pre-order, the DVD coming out May 25th.
      I hope this helps you!
      Enjoy the rest of the episodes.

    4. Pat Marrion Says:

      In the last episode Billy visits a woman named Nancy who runs (ran?) a guest ranch out of Telegraph Creek. There is no mention of how to contact her or if she is still accepting guests. Is there any way of finding this out? I would love to visit that area and her lifestyle attracts me, as I cut my own wood for heat as well, although am not quite as old (yet).

    5. Ray Davidson Says:

      What a fantastic series. The sights and the people Billy encountered were amazing and REAL. I am more than ever proud of being Canadian and to share a fellowship with such distinguished countrymen. Thanks for the journey.

    6. Barbara Mc Mahon-Cossar Says:

      EXCELLENT Big Man.. What a pleasure watching this series, mixing the sensitive and comedic genius of Billy Connoly, the breathtaking scenery and the extraordinary people of the Canadian Provinces. Thank you and well done.

    7. Jeff Stockton Says:

      I watched the series on TV and couldn’t wait for the next episode to come. Amazing footage, amazing people. It’s too bad we need someone from the UK to show us just how special this land and its people are. But it warms an old hockey player’s heart to see someone from another country heap the praise upon both our land and our diverse population. I couldn’t get enough of this very special series.

    8. Margaret Donnan Says:

      I was born and raised in Glasgow very close to Billy Connolly and to me his is the greatest comedian on the face of the earth. His stories are so true to life in Glasgow, he is absolutely priceless. I have watched all his touring series and never been disappointed. I watched this series and it was spectacular as always, I also rode the cabot trail and went through some of the places he did. He is extremely knowledgeable when he speaks, and he makes these shows so very intestesting to watch. He also did a tour of Scotland, and England Ireland and Wales, they were brilliant. I am proud to call him a fellow contryman.

    9. Brian Cluer Says:

      The whole journey was quite superlative. Billy is an Icon, and as a proud Canadian I’d like to kidnap him and make him iive in this great Nation. Just kidding, but he really is a most amazing chap, huuuuuuuge talent and ultra nice and genuine with it.

    10. mike gibson Says:

      best dam show ive seen in a long time

    11. RJ Says:

      i was equally impressed, after a google search i think this is it, the photos in accomodation basically confirmed it: 


    12. j hender Says:

      I thought Billy was great in this series (as always….love him, he’s perfect for this type of program). He did seem awestruck on occasion at the sheer size and beauty of what must be one of the most unspoilt parts of our planet. I’ll be getting the dvd and hopefully visit it one day.

    13. Murray Lundberg Says:

      Although this thread is long dead, since it Googles well, I’d like to let you know that my aunt, Nancy Ball, has closed Glenora Ranch and moved into town (Telegraph Creek). I was Billy’s guide during these days of filming, and he was wonderful to work with, to sit down to dinners with. A charming, down-to-earth man of the best sort.

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