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    4 Ways to Smartly Budget a Road Trip Across Canada

    As the second largest country in the world, Canada is difficult to cross by rail or bus. However, thanks to the beautiful terrain and the diverse attractions available throughout the country, those who hit the road instead of buying a plane ticket will be rewarded. A lot of foreigners coming from oversea countries like Australia prefer to take an extended road trip across this beautiful country. Regardless of if you are taking a road trip to a secluded hotel by the beach or are just looking for a night out under the stars, Canada has something for every type of traveler. Most foreign travelers from Australia like to fly into Toronto and stay for a couple weeks to a month in Canada. Here are a few simple tips for reaping those rewards without breaking the bank.

    1) Pace yourself.

    Having a one-night stand with a city can be exhausting and expensive. Those who choose to stay longer in each location will be able to explore the region, get a discount on their hotel stay, and spend less time and money per day on travel.

    Further, slowing down on the road can make the trek itself more enjoyable. Scenic routes are well worth taking. Make special note of the Viking Trail, which meanders all the way from western Newfoundland to southern Labrador.

    2) Watch what you eat.

    If you’re filling up on junk food from convenience stores, you’re damaging your wallet just as much as you’re damaging your health. Pack some healthy food and plenty of water for the road. When it’s time for a meal, Mom and Pop diners are a great way to save money while getting a sense of the local flavor.

    For those with more refined tastes, many dining options—such as Basho in St. John’s, Ruby WatchCo in Toronto, West in Vancouver, or the Barefoot Bistro in Whistler—are attractions unto themselves.

    3) Explore the great outdoors.

    Canada is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, from Nahanni National Park in the Northwest Territories to Quebec’s Saguenay Fjord. Rather than aiming for pricey events or luxury hotels, consider exploring the wilds. For a truly spectacular site, hunt for one of the many locales where you can spy the Northern Lights.

    4) Save on gas.

    One of the biggest expenses you’ll face is the cost of filling up your gas tank and car insurance. Of specific note for a Canadian road trip are the following:
    • Just cruise. Setting your cruise at 80 km/h is optimal for fuel economy. Check out some auto reviews in canada to see which vehicles are the most fuel-efficient.

    • Use GPS or a smartphone. Getting lost is one of the fastest ways to burn through your fuel.

    • Using the AC will increase fuel consumption by up to 10%. However, rolling the windows down while at freeway speeds can increase fuel consumption even more. Avoid both when possible.

    • Consider using a credit card that offers extra reward points or cash back for gasoline purchases. (You can find tips from American Express for a budget-friendly family getaway, including ways to earn reward points, on the AMEX website.)

    • Pack light. Extra weight lowers your fuel efficiency, so remove any unnecessary extras from your vehicle before the journey starts.

    • Search for the best car insurance in Montreal and the rest of Canada, because having car insurance in most provinces in Canada is mandatory and you can save a lot of money by shopping around for the best deals.

    A Canadian road trip is a wonderful experience whether you’re a lifelong Canuck or a foreign traveler. Use the tips above to save money and, most importantly, enjoy your time in the Great White North.
    Image source: Entreedestinations.com

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