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    37 Reasons Canada is Awesome

    As this Canada Day dawns, we remember why Canada is one of the best nations in the world…

    1. Wayne Gretzky. Where would hockey be without him?

    2. Our rainbow-colored paper currency. From blue to purple to red, soon there will be a bill for every hue.

    3. Milk in bags. Forget jugs or bottles of milk.

    4. Jim Carrey. John Candy. Tommy Chong. And those are only the comedians with C names from Canada.

    5. Roberta Bondar. The first Canadian woman in space and the first neurologist.

    6. Simon Fraser. Exploring, fending off 1800s wilderness, and having a river and university named after you? Check.

    7. Canadian bacon. It’s not just a movie… our Bacon is also Awesome…

    8. The Dempster Highway. 475 miles of former sled dog trail. Through the Arctic Circle. Only people with stout vehicles, spare gas cans and tires, and the ability to change a flat tire need apply.

    9. The Toronto Blue Jays. Without you, the “World” Series would have been renamed the “American” Series.

    10. Athabasca Sand Dunes. The park’s website states “recommended for experienced wilderness users only”.

    11. The maple leaf. We stamp the leaf on everything.

    12. Ellesmere Island. More polar bears than people make their homes here.

    13. Eh. Our most versatile word.

    14. Trivial Pursuit. Educating the world on little known facts since 1982.

    15. Tim Hortons. Coffee. Donuts. Always fresh.

    16. Maple syrup. No one eats plain pancakes after all.

    17. The Carmanah Giant. 314 feet tall. 31 feet in diameter.

    18. Cindy Klassen and Clara Hughes. Six Olympic medals apiece.

    19. The Canadian Shield. Offering mineral goodness since time began.

    20. Canada Dry Ginger Ale. Real ginger in a bottle since 1904.

    21. Anne of Green Gables. Our favorite precocious red head.

    22. Niagara Falls. The most powerful waterfall in North America.

    23. William Shatner. “Beam me up, Scotty!”

    24. Lake of the Woods. 65,000 miles of shoreline and over 14,542 islands.

    25. Frank Gehry. Building in shapes we never knew existed.

    26. Joni Mitchell. Our prairie songstress.

    27. McIntosh apples. Straight from Dundela, Ontario.

    28. Tilley Endurables. The finest travelwear anywhere.

    29. Canola. Adding a healthy cooking ingredient to our recipes.

    30. Hudson’s Bay Company. The oldest corporation in North America.

    31. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Law enforcement with style!

    32. Celine Dion. Our hearts will go on, Celine.

    33. The White Spot. Triple O deliciousness.

    34. Norman Bethune. Saving lives across the world.

    35. Mike Holmes. Rescuing homeowners from their homes.

    36. Shania Twain. Country? Pop? Both!

    37. The beaver. oooh yeah our beaver

    Canada is Much Awesome!


    13 Comments For This Post

    1. Jean-Luc Picard Says:

      No wonder everyone says the number 23 is bad, Bill Shatner? Really? You think that’s a GOOD thing? Captain Kirk is the only things he’s usefully famous for. Even so, Star Trek would have existed without him. Secondly, he never actually says “Beam me up, Scotty” EVER in the show. The closest instance was “Beam me up, Mr. Scott”. NOT a Treky, fyi, though I have several family members who are. As far as Bill is concerned, well, my mother taught me that if I nothing nice to say, to just not say anything at all.

    2. Stephanie Says:

      I love Canada so much.
      We PWNED everyone else.

      Niagra falls – best thing EVEEEER.
      After poutines.

    3. Mark Says:

      What about our beer? How could you forget the beer?? 😛

    4. flames Says:

      so many things missing!

    5. celia Says:

      WEED! how can u forget the weed?!

    6. Johnny Canuck Says:

      You forgot Sidney Crosby, our beer, our touqes and The Vancouver Canucks.

    7. Bill Rowe Says:

      #38 – Algonquin Park, How can you have a summer vacation or fall getaway without a visit to mother nature in Algonquin Park. A must see are the fall colours especially if it’s your first visit to Ontario Canada.

    8. Jim Canadian-eh Says:

      You forgot our badass Canadian Forces units thats been kicking ass since f..cking ever, starting with Americans ( pushing them back to washington DC and burning the place!!!

      Africa in the Boers wars, and other exotics places!!

      Ze Djermanns , first and second world wars, ( they were scared of us, the nazis taught we were the British version of the SS ) kicking commies ass in Korea, all the UN ( peace making) missions and Combat awesomeness of pure Canadian fighting agressiveness and attitude of ( F..k you insurgents and terrorists ) in Afghanistan!!!

      We have a reputation of being nice and polite people!! Just dont make us angry, please!!
      You dont want to see kind, generous folks that transforms in hardcore , fearless Northern people that goes apeshit with hockey sticks
      and chain saws pursuing you in the wilderness!! Not a good idea cuz being CANADIANS we will find you !!!

      If we have to, we will kick ass in a serious Canadian way;) home or abroad!!

    9. Saransh Says:

      I am an indian international student at a canadian university. And i must say i am in love with this country !!! Especially the people, their friendliness and hospitality just won my hearts.
      My respect for Canada is increasing as my length of stay in Canada increases.
      Love YOU CANADA

    10. Bvcronin Says:

      Celine Dion?  You can keep that hack.  Neil Young…now there’s a good ol’ Canadian.

    11. Epic Canada is Epic Says:

      what about beer, the rockies, mike myers and the newfoundland accent all canadian pure awesomness

    12. Dikkereet Says:

      you forgot that AMERIKA is the same thing as Canada!

    13. Mr Canadian Says:


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